Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Adoption Orientation

After another failed IUI (3rd one to date) today is a big day for Joey and I, today we are attending an adoption orientation to get on a list for adopting a newborn baby in San Diego. I'm not sure what to expect or if I'm ready for this but we have been praying about a sign or direction and it seems like this is the current direction God is taking us. The first step is the orientation which we have scheduled for tonight at 5:30pm down in San Diego. At the orientation I was told we will receive an application and once we have it filled out and submitted then we complete a home study, where a adoption worker comes to our home and interviews us (both together and individually) a background check is completed, basically they look into every aspect of our lives, which we are fine with.  There are a few other legal steps I'm not going to bore you with. once that is approved a and a match is made our baby is placed with us and we file a petition for adoption with the court. If successful, a final adoption order will be put on record by the court. We will get a new birth certificate for our baby and all our legal rights and responsibilities as parents will take effect....... And we will be a MOMMY AND A DADDY!!!! I'm being told that the paperwork along can take up to a year but we are willing to jump through every hoop and knock down every barrier put in our way. This is our journey for now, this is our focus, we have done everything possible from our end and now we are putting our faith and trust in God's hands because we know that He knows what is best for us. 

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