Tuesday, July 2, 2013

1 Year Wedding Anniversary Trip, June Lake/Yosemite

Joey and I just got back from the most amazing places, June Lake and Yosemite. The water was as clear as the summer nights sky, the beauty of the trees and waterfalls were mesmerizing as the air was as crisp and clean as sheets coming fresh out of the dryer. June Lake is somewhere Joey traveled with his family growing up and every since we met talked about the sights and fishing June Lake offered. When we were there we saw deer, went on bike rides, went fishing (I caught the first fish) and went hiking to the peaks and valleys of surrounding mountains. Sitting there one summer night with the campfire lit and Joey and I roasting marshmallows I thought to myself, "wow has it really been one year already, oh how fast life goes by."

One of the days we were at June Lake we had a raft that we filled with air and put into the lake to go fishing off of, well that idea was very short lived, as soon as we got the raft into the water and we both got in it it began to deflate and with the slight breeze that was blowing as much and Joey tried to row we kept getting pushed back to shore. None-the-less it was a funny, yet embarrassing adventure. Lesson learned to blow up a raft you need more then a battery powered pump to keep afloat.

Hiking was incredible both at June Lake and Yosemite, the waterfalls in Yosemite were to die for. In Yosemite we rode bikes to Yosemite Falls (Lower Falls) and Joey hiked 1/2 way up Upper Falls jumping from rock to rock up the waterfall. My favorite hike was up half dome where we went to Mist Falls (yes the fall is so powerful you get soaked with mist as you climb the 600 steps up to it). And then Joey talked me into hiking up to the next waterfall called Nevada Falls (which I'm so glad I did). It was a hard, we were going up a lot in elevation in a short amount of time but when we made it the payoff was worth every step.