Monday, November 11, 2013

Price Match

Today I researched the internet all day and now am saving $400.00 on medications for next IUI with injectables cycle. MDR (the pharmacy that carries the fertility drugs) told me they price match.... if you know me you know I will research the heck out of the internet to find the best price and I did.... it took all day but I found a great deal, so excited! It's like couponing. And in the process I met a really nice lady who just got pregnant with twins with Dr. Anderson's help from doing an IUI with injectables with Follistim,  HCG trigger shot and progesterone capsules. She reassured my concern with the amount of money we are spending to see Dr. Anderson that we have made the best choice because he is the best infertility doctor in OC. 


People often think I get jealous or angry when I see pregnant people or babies. My response: Not one person has it all. Just because one part of their life came easily to them, that doesn't mean the rest did. I have God, an incredible husband/marriage, a beautiful home, wonderful family and friends and an amazing job. And a baby is in my future, I just have to keep praying.

Sunday, November 3, 2013

Laparoscopy and Hysteroscopy Results

Laparoscopy and Hysteroscopy went well. Doctor found a little endometriosis and lasered it away. Going in next week for the post-op and will find out the next step in our journey. Thank you to everyone who was praying for me yesterday and reached out to Joey and I to see how it went. It means the world to us. A special thanks to my mom and best friend Nikki for coming down to Newport Surgery Center to support me and a HUGE Thanks my AMAZING husband for being by my side and taking care of me through everything. xoxo

This is my uterus (above), (didn't expect a uterus to look like that huh?) and that red on it is endometriosis. 

This is one of my fallopian tubes (above), they also looked inside it but those pics are not worth sharing (can't see much)

                                                                    Liver (Above)