Friday, December 27, 2013

Fight On.....

Everything we're doing is worth the fight. Every second I temp, take meds, get injections of hormones, miss vacations for ultrasounds and blood work, I am doing for my little miracle. For some, it's easy to get pregnant. Others, people say it's impossible. I will not to give up. All the strength I am getting now I will need for years to come. First is the pregnancy. Pregnancy may tire me more than getting pregnant ever did. But I won't give up. Every second I want to quit, I don't because there is a little angel waiting to meet me, cheering me on as I battle my way through. After I see my bundle of joy and will have many trying days and nights.... But I won't give up. Each and every day is a battle, but someday will look back and think "I made it through once, I can do it again." Remember that strength. Remember those tears. Remember why I started this journey to begin with.

I pray I get my angel. I pray for success as I fight the fight of infertility. I'm not alone. Many people may be in different stages in the journey, but we are all united for one reason: our angels, that despite all the pain it brings sometimes, they remind us of how strong we really are. 

Tonight something special happened. Joey was flying a trip and I needed to get my injection at 7pm. I knew way before 7pm that I would not be able to give myself a shot so I asked a friend of mine up in OC if she knew anyone in the area. She let me know what her dad have given shots in the last and would be happy to help me out. I think it's so sweet that she asked him and he offered. I ended up not going to him since I got in contact with someone else who could help me that is a nurse and lives close to me but found out she was not going to make it home by 7pm. So what did I do from there??? I called the hospital to see if I could go in there and they could give it to me, they said only if I called 911 and was brought in by ambulance.... talk about dramatic. If you know me you know I dont take the first NO I hear so I went down to the local fire dept with my medication and needles in hand and asked if they would please help me out. First they said they couldn't but then the captain walked up and said he would be happy to help, he said that him and his wife went through IVF and knows how hard it can be. Something so little meant the world to me. All the other guys at the station looked at me like I was some kind of wimp but this guy who walked in my shoes with his wife understood that it was more than just a needle it was every doctor appt, and insurance denial, and disappointing news that made everything 1000 times harder. I understand there are rules and I bet if I went again it would not happen but that one 5 seconds of help meant the world to me and gave me hope. I talked to him for a few minutes and we discovered that he just had twin boys from through IVF from the same fertility doctor Joey and I are going to in Newport. I know it's not big but to me it's a sign that we are doing the right thing. Thanks random fireman :)

Thursday, December 26, 2013

IUI with Injectables CD 6

Merry Christmas. Joey and I had  wonderful Christmas spent with family. I'm off work for the next two weeks which is so nice but more of a reason I'm happy I'm off is for all the doctor appts we going to right now. Joey and I are doing an IUI with injectables this month. We have done 3 IUI's in the past taking Clomid but never with injectables. Today is cycle day (CD) 6 and day 4 of my injectables (Follistim). I had my 2nd ultrasound this morning and I am currently measuring 7 follicles on my right with the largest measuring 14x7mm and 12 follicles on the left with the largest measuring 14x10mm and my uterine lining measuring 6.4..... For the next 2 days we are continuing with the 100iu of Follistim and we have another ultrasound in two days to check the size of follicles and baseline blood work to check my estrogen levels and progesterone. We are praying that the smaller follicles catchup with the injection we did tonight and another one tomorrow night. I will update once we have our next ultrasound in 2 days, Saturday. Please pray for us that this time works..... we are so excited that this month will FINALLY be the month and all the bruising will fade away and we can finally begin our life as a family of 3. Joey has been an amazing nurse giving me my injections each evening. This has been an emotionally and financially draining process but we will do whatever it takes to meet our little miracle. We will never give up or lose hope. God has a plan for us and we believe it's to raise one of His children. Please keep us in your prayers.... xoxo

All of the black holes are follicles on my left side (in this pic you can only see 6-7 but there are at least 12 on this side)

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