Thursday, December 26, 2013

IUI with Injectables CD 6

Merry Christmas. Joey and I had  wonderful Christmas spent with family. I'm off work for the next two weeks which is so nice but more of a reason I'm happy I'm off is for all the doctor appts we going to right now. Joey and I are doing an IUI with injectables this month. We have done 3 IUI's in the past taking Clomid but never with injectables. Today is cycle day (CD) 6 and day 4 of my injectables (Follistim). I had my 2nd ultrasound this morning and I am currently measuring 7 follicles on my right with the largest measuring 14x7mm and 12 follicles on the left with the largest measuring 14x10mm and my uterine lining measuring 6.4..... For the next 2 days we are continuing with the 100iu of Follistim and we have another ultrasound in two days to check the size of follicles and baseline blood work to check my estrogen levels and progesterone. We are praying that the smaller follicles catchup with the injection we did tonight and another one tomorrow night. I will update once we have our next ultrasound in 2 days, Saturday. Please pray for us that this time works..... we are so excited that this month will FINALLY be the month and all the bruising will fade away and we can finally begin our life as a family of 3. Joey has been an amazing nurse giving me my injections each evening. This has been an emotionally and financially draining process but we will do whatever it takes to meet our little miracle. We will never give up or lose hope. God has a plan for us and we believe it's to raise one of His children. Please keep us in your prayers.... xoxo

All of the black holes are follicles on my left side (in this pic you can only see 6-7 but there are at least 12 on this side)

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  1. I have to say thank you to you for going public with your story and journey, it has helped me so much.... ways that my friends and family could never understand since they have never experienced the struggle. Thank you!