Monday, October 7, 2013

Horror Stories.......

Baby showers! Oh where to begin. I have gotten so much better going to them, I would not say I look forward to them but it does not bother me as much anymore, that is until the end of one I attended a few weeks ago. 

Joey and arrived to the shower ready to enjoy ourselves, after hanging around for 4 hours we were getting ready to leave and I was saying goodbye to someone I have met a few times (It's the polite thing to do right?) As I'm saying goodbye, a random girl who I have never met is standing next to the person I am saying goodbye to looks over at me and asks, "So when are you due!?" To my surprise and confusion I gave a polite smile and kept the conversation going. She interrupted me again and said, "you must not have heard me, I said when are you due!" At this point I am so confused and lost, (I know what some of you are thinking.... sometimes innocent people mistake bigger girls for being pregnant..... NOT the case here considering I am 5'5" and weigh 115 pounds). I don't care how much bean dip I ate I know I did not look pregnant. So unless I was actually 5-6 months pregnant I knew at that point she heard about my infertility struggle {on top of not being able to handle her alcohol} and wanted to play a mean girls game. After I let it sink I just looked at her and said, "When the fertility drugs finally work" and walked away. I don't know what is wrong with people and way they have to be so cruel but there was no need for someone to make a joke out of my misfortune. 

For some sad reason this is not the first time someone has said something mean to me about my infertility. About a year ago I told someone who I knew pretty well about Joey's and my struggle to have a baby and went through the steps of infertility to help them better understand the process. When I got to the part where we have tried a few IUI's and our next step might have to be IVF the person looks over at me and says, "IVF babies look funny". My heart about stopped. I was speechless, but I thought if something so ignorant could come out of their mouth then I was not about to correct them, I just promised myself that I would never forget. I know we have all seen those websites that list: "Things NOT to say to someone struggling with infertility". But my two examples would have to be on a different list.... Like "Things to say to make someone feel HORRIBLE about their fertility struggle". All I can assume is that they only read the second list.  


  1. Oh my gosh!! How horrible. Makes me want to sock that girl in the face...both of them. So ignorant! Let's keep pressing on.

  2. People can be horribly cruel and I've yet to figure out why!