Saturday, January 11, 2014

CD22, 9dpo, 8dpiui, Praying for BFP!

Through all this I learned a new language. A language I was unfamiliar with in the beginning of my journey but as time went on and I took more 'classes' I immersed myself more and more in the language I became a member of the world of infertility acronyms and now I am practically fluent. I can decode a sentence such as "TTC for 5 yrs, cd14, 2dpo, 1dpiui, BFP on cd24" just as you are reading these words I am typing.

Today I am 8 days post IUI and had blood work done yesterday to check my progesterone levels. The results came back at 16 so everything is perfect with those levels. I am still on the thyroid medicine which last time that was checked about a month ago it was at 1.6 which is also perfect. My days are crazy right now with everything I am required to remember to do. In the morning before I move or talk I have to check my BBT, after that have to take a thyroid pill (with plenty of water) an hour before I eat anything, my progesterone medicine has to be taken in the morning and at night spaced out 12 hours from each other so I must time that correctly each day twice a day, and then sometime throughout the day (after I eat) I take my pre-natal pills, I do blood work at the doctor office every few days and schedule acupuncture after work at least twice a week. We go back into Dr. Anderson's office in 6 days.... a week from yesterday, January 17, 2014 at 7am for the final blood work to see if all of this paid off. I will have the blood work done, go to work and they will call about 2pm with the results. I decided I am not going to answer the phone and asked them to leave the results on my voicemail and I will listen to it with Joey when I get home.... HE BETTER NOT BE FLYING A TRIP THAT DAY! I am so so so so so so so EXCITED and nervous! This IS it the moment we have been praying for every day, we ask all of our friends and family to pray, we have people at our Carlsbad and Mission Viejo church praying, we have our co-workers praying and best of all we have God! We know that He knows what is best for us and what our hearts desire. In 6 days I pray I can leave the infertility acronym club and finally upgrade to the mommy club, just 6 more days! xoxo


  1. 5 days from now! How very exciting!! Praying that your voicemail will have the good news you two have been waiting for! Love you guys!

  2. God is good! He hears you and will answer your prayer. I'm still praying for your good news. You have a great network of prayers going out right now. That's fantastic! I love you guys Mom

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